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Hi and welcome to the cattery sweet sticks, this site is committed to our energy for Maine Coon Kittens and Cats. It covers all the basic to advanced features of Maine coons with a bunch of great information that will help you in adopting the cutest kitten on the planet.  

Are you worried about your Maine Coon's behavior, treatment, personality, adoption, sales, rescue, food etc..? Don't worry we have got everything for you and will try to help you in knowing all Maine Coon features. 

Explore a world of cute Maine Coon breed with an amazing history that will enlighten your hearts the best possible way.

CHARACTER: His character is adjusted, player, peaceful, amiable. He is persistent with youngsters, he acknowledges turbulence mutts. It is interested and mindful to his expert. It is nicknamed GENTLE GIANT. 

WEIGHT: The weight is somewhere around 6 and 9 kg for the male and 4-5 kg for the female. The guys can achieve weights of 10 kg or 13 kg without corpulence. Concentrate on weight sort, however, addresses the quality: its size, more than the weight must stay astounding, leggy, long, its tail still amplifies its look. A few themes are 1 meter or more from a tip of nose to tip of the tail. Get an amicable feline, forcing, particular and sound is a choice of work more than a few eras. There is still much to do.

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